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Having spent the better part of 7 years participating on the site daily I can't help but feel so sad that it's leaving us. So many memories made both in the community and on the site itself. It's the end of an era and while it's bittersweet in that all those years of work will be gone forever I can still smile and appreciate all the times we've had.

farewell poupee! may you rest comfortably on that big internet server in the interweb sky
30th March 2015, 02:44 am - Save your Clothing - ASAP

We're in the last hours, I hope that this message finds those that are interested in time.

I updated the SaveThePupe application to now save your wardrobe ; This includes suteki, comment profile images, emoji, comments, and your clothing image.

This program is not perfect, I only tested it on two profiles; . The files that it makes are not the prettiest as they do not include the images/etc necessary to make the entries look like they do on the website, but.. it will save the necessary data for you to see your comments and suteki and clothing. ALSO This release is only for downloading your clothing uploads -- if you want to download your items and snapshots, please use the older v1.4 or anything BUT this version; I tore apart the program to get clothing working, so I do not know if snapshots are working in this version.

Please let me know if you have a problem, though there is no guarantee I can fix it in time for you to run it.

You can download it here, SaveThePupe - "Last Ditch Effort" edition

I may try to release a 'fixer' after the closure date which can restore the look and feel of the site for these files, but you should focus on getting your clothing downloaded. This one takes a while it seems, I am trying to download a wardrobe of ~400 uploads and it is still downloading.

Good luck and Farewell, all;
29th March 2015, 07:58 pm - So how about a Brown Box roll-call?
alice run
Since it's the last days I started to wonder if anyone else was never brown boxed.
I was on there since Jan 2008 and thankfully never experienced the dreaded brown box.
I think because I spent time going through my closet every time something new was noted as being not okay.
I will say they could be very picky.

So any one else never experienced being brown boxed or if you were, want to say how many times?

This could be fun

Neat to see "old timers" commenting! I guess we are the diehard players. Anyone remember how it was like when you started?

I remember it was all in Japanese of course and there was not much to buy in the shop. I don't remember how many months there were only two floors of items. But back then the market was more than 50 pages so I spent a few ribbons buying Poupee Market items that had been on there a long time and saving up for things I really wanted like the Vivienne Westwood jackets and older kimono.

What do you remember?
29th March 2015, 09:50 pm - Quick question - End of poupee
I just wanted to make a quick post and ask if any of you know a way to contact the staff of poupee girl. Not to talk them out of ending the site. I think it's too late for this, after all. I wanted to say thank you to them all!
Poupee girl was a wonderful part of my life and a big help with my depression, it made me happy and I met SO many nice people there, or on forums like this about poupee girl. I wish the poupee staff would give us a proper explanation for the end of it, but I still want to thank them for 8 great years of fashion fun!

So, do any of you know if they staff actually reads e-mails, or if there is another way to say thank you? I think I will actually get a tattoo of poupee piyo some day, hehe.
As Poupée is closing really soon aka tomorrow ;_; I've been able to see how many girls are getting rid of their whole closets, so we've had a bunch of clearance sales. So now I'm asking you:

♥ What items did you buy during those clearance sales?
♥ Where you able to find your dream items for ridiculously low prices?

Feel free to post the items you've bought lately ♥ and please, share pictures instead of links!
29th March 2015, 05:33 pm - Daily Wardrobe Rolecall

Hey guys !
i hope you european girsl are adjusting to daylight savings well ... i'm not
i really have it !

Show me your lovelies :)
28th March 2015, 10:00 pm - Rainbow Week's FINAL
Poupée ✿ Cato

Our last Rainbow Week is over.

Ladies, once again, thank you so much for your participation, creativity, inspiration and, most of all, for your kind feedbacks. Hosting RAINBOW WEEK has always been a pure pleasure and I am going to miss this beautiful gathering of colors and people a lot.

Let's enjoy the remaining three days on Poupée Girl and never forget these wonderful years we had with this game and this community. I sincerely loved it.

Now, let's share this week's coordinates one last time. HOW TOCollapse )

If you have been part of our former Rainbow Weeks, feel free to share the retrospects of ALL years this time!

As usual, here are the links to all of the days of this Rainbow Week:


And here are the links to all the former Rainbow Week's FINALS:

2014 ~ 2013 ~ 2012 ~ 2011

Seriously – thank you so much.
28th March 2015, 04:24 pm - Daily Wardrobe Rolecall

Hey everybody !!
i almost forgot to host oops :)
last week end then i hope to see you on the other side ;)

Show me you girls !
27th March 2015, 08:00 pm - Rainbow Week: BLACK & WHITE
Poupée ✿ Cato

This is the last color of our last Rainbow Week. Three more snapshots and Poupée Girl is gone. Ladies, let's give our best for the last dress-up of this event...

Post your BLACK & WHITE coordinates here!


RetrospectCollapse )
27th March 2015, 11:15 am - Daily Wardrobe Rolecall

another queued post as I am off to do my laundry. While I like our mermaid costume it was one of the few things event based that we didn't get multiple editions of and I'm slightly miffed since I would've wanted all of those XD

show me what you got poupees!
27th March 2015, 03:59 pm - Searching for items ヾ(・ω・`;)
Hey, poupeegirl is closing in just a few days.
I am still searching for some rare items to complete all ♥ ♥

You're not sure if you want to help?
First of all, you will not need to sell anything and you will not lose any items!
I just need the file name so it can be opened in a webbrowser or pupemodel ^_^
I will not get the item in the game.
This will only work until the site closes (obviously) so if you want to help, please help now.

How to help?Collapse )

Now on to my lists:

Jewels - Shop ItemsCollapse )

Jewels - Celebrity Shop ItemsCollapse )

Friend Invitation IncentivesCollapse )

Contest Winning RewardsCollapse )

Jewel and Ribbon Buying IncentivesCollapse )

MiscellaneousCollapse )

Pictures are all (c)poupeegirl and taken from the poupee wiki and (now dead) poupee news community.
Thank you to everyone who contibruted to the communities and also to everyone who helped me shorten my list. Thank you!
27th March 2015, 03:57 am - Save your Snapshots - Online!

You are likely familiar with the program that I wrote for you to save your snapshots from here.

If you have not run it yet, or you had problems doing so, I made a web version which should avoid any problems you may have encountered with the program. If for some reason you get a 'stalled' message, you are able to run the download again which will continue where it left off. I am renting a very large server for the remaining days of the month that will run until PG closes, so please make sure that it gets used!

You can access the website here : http://pupe.alicecomplex.info/
If you are concerned about the legitimacy of the site, please see the original post above with everyone that used the program download successfully. You are, of course, free to use the download program instead, if you would like! The website does not store your username or password. It is used for the duration of the download and nothing else.

Currently there is no way to have it delete the text files like the download, so you will not be able to download changes made to your Poupee after you run it (yet). Please do not delay though, as the time to save your snapshots is running out. This program will not work after the end of the month.

Re-run the download if you encounter an issue -- otherwise, please report any problems that you run into; be sure to post the first few letters of your user ID so that I can track down the cause of the issue.



edit: Already fixed one bug that prevented downloading snapshots, sorry WF!
26th March 2015, 10:24 pm - The Final Tossing
Like all of you, I'm sad as all hell about the site closing even though I haven't been there or here in ages. I still had a lot of fond memories of all you guys and the community coming together for stuff like Rainbow Week. At least I'll always know that I got that gothic lolita dress I coveted so bad!
Anyway, I have 950 shells, and I'm tossing them all. I'll share any weird finds, and I invite you all to do the same. Let's all laugh about those hideous spring items we got when trying for rare items or April Fool ribbons one last time. :')
26th March 2015, 08:00 pm - Rainbow Week: BROWN
Poupée ✿ Cato

Post your BROWN coordinates here!

Short InfoCollapse )

NEXT: Rainbow Week's BLACK & WHITE
Dressed Up on , : m GMT.