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Yay! Pupemodel is complete~

I've lost interest in PoupeeGirl. The model won't be updated anymore, unless there will be someone willing to decompile the latest version and update it for everyone. I'm sorry and I hope it helped a lot!


Pupemodel is a Flash application that simulates dress-up in Poupee Girl.
Its main purpose is to preview any dressup item on your poupee without having to buy them first.

Links to the file:

pupemodel_1-011.exe (for Windows) or
pupemodel_1-011.swf (for Windows, Mac and other OS)

pupe.xml (should be in the same folder as the swf/exe)


1.001 [20090820] : fixed shoes problem
1.002 [20090820] : fixed wallpaper problem
1.003 [20090820] : fixed pupe combination code computation
1.004 [20090820] : fixed removing of makeup
1.005 [20090820] : added perfume at makeup section
1.006 [20090824] : added color picker for solid wallpaper
: added eye color at setup section
: pupe combination code changed from 15-digit to 16-digit for eye color
1.007 [20090901] : fixed layering of goods (parasols, etc.)
1.008 [20090917] : added new hairstyles
: fixed xml (now you have to download pupe.xml too)
1.009 [20090922] : resized pupe to the same size as MYHOME
1.010 [20091005] : fixed pupe combination code algorithm
----- [20091104] : updated pupe.xml for the new hairstyles
1.011 [20100402] : updated pupe.xml for the latest hairstyles
: fixed wallpapers (to the best i could do)
: added 2 new contacts from piyo catcher
: fixed socks and shoes (for heels and non-heels)

thank you for pointing out bugs and giving suggestions!! ♥

right now, there's this bug that happens when you remove an item, then add it again. i don't know when and HOW (OMG) i can fix this because i'm usually busy with work. :(

if you see more bugs/glitches/weirdstuffhappening with the tool, please tell me and I'll do my best to fix it. ♥
you can reply to this post, or send me a message at poupee!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) I can't see any doll/poupee! What's wrong?
Please follow the steps below for Global Security Settings.

2) There's only a naked Kath and the 3 buttons at the upper right corner! What's wrong?
Download pupe.xml and place it in the same folder as your exe or swf file.

3) How do I add an item?
Go to Dress up panel. Get the 12-character item code (filename of the item), choose its category, then press add. You will be able to layer them in the Layering panel.

4) How do I update the model with new hairstyles?

Global security settings:

Please follow these instructions to be able to use your Pupemodel.
This is for both MAC (thanks lanez15 for this!) and PC users.

1) Go to this url:

2) when you finally see the little box (like in the image), click on "Edit locations", and choose "Add location".
3) Click on "Browse for folder..."
4) Find the folder where you put your pupemodel file
5) And there! The directory of your pupemodel is now in the list! Open your pupemodel again and see if it works~ XD;;

~ end ~
Tags: helpful links, modeling items, pupe helper
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