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poupee market site - oribon

updated: 16th August


Oribon is a site that compiles the statistics of the poupee market. To begin looking for information of an item, either use the categories on the left sidebar, or search from the search bar at the top.

Here is a typical page of an item, translated. PLEASE READ ALL THE TIPS BELOW IF YOU ARE NEW


  • Last seen in market: the last time this item was put in the market for sale

  • Total no. of exhibitions: the total number of times this item was put in the market for sale in the past 2 weeks <- note this

  • Highest price: the highest price it was seen listed for in the past two weeks

  • Lowest price: the lowest price it was seen listed for in the past two weeks

  • Average price: this is the sum of all the prices it was listed for, divided by the number of times it was listed for in the past two weeks. For the mathematically inclined, it is the mean price of the item.

  • Actual average price: this is the corrected average price of the item, after taking away extreme values. For example, if most people sell the item between 100-200 ribbons and only one person sells it for 9000 ribbons, 9000r will not be used to calculate the average.

  • The right column shows the price in jewels, where 10 jewels = 25 ribbons

  • Orange bar gives the number of people who listed that item for each price group in the past 2 weeks. For example in the above diagram, about 11 people listed the item for between 10-14 ribbons.

  • Pink bar just highlights the average that was found previously. For example, the average was found to be 205.88 ribbons, so the 100 or more bar is highlighted pink.

  • Blue bar just highlights the actual average that was found previously. For example, the corrected actual average was found to be actually only 16.60 ribbons, so the 15-19 bar is highlighted blue.

  • Green bar represents the number of times the item was listed for in that day. Read off the number from the left. For example, it was listed about 3 times on 08/14

  • Purple line represents the average price of the item that day. This number is calculated ONLY from prices of exhibitions that day. So if only one person sells it for 4000 ribbons that day, the average price that day is 4000, regardless of prices on other days. Read off the number from the right. For example, it was about 4000 ribbons on 08/11.


  • The numbers shown are only for the past two weeks. Any prices older than the two weeks are not taken into account. Hence it is important to consider

  • The number of exhibitions (<- this is very superduper important). If an item has been listed for 200 times over the past two weeks, it is safe to say that it is a common item and you can follow the average.

    But if an item has only had, say, 20 listings in the past two weeks, it might be considered rare or out of season, people might be willing to pay more because it is harder to find. You can afford to list it for higher. I can't count the number of times I sold summer sandals (it is now December as I type) for much higher than the oribon average because they weren't common anymore!

  • And of course, USE YOUR OWN DISCRETION! Let's say that there is an old shop items / rare item that had only ONE exhibition over the past two weeks at 55 ribbons... Are you going to price yours at 55? Of course not! It is likely to be higher than this. Maybe the seller was uninformed about how much it was actually worth. Always be careful, don't let the statistics mislead you. You should also know about the item you are selling. When in doubt, ask the community on a HMIIW post :)

  • You must also consider anomalies. If you see an item with the highest price listed as something ridiculous like 6666 ribbons, it is likely to be affecting the average price. The actual average should be lower. The actual average value should be the more accurate figure. Similarly if there is an item with the lowest price listed as 5 but the others mostly at very high prices, exclude that as well.

    A good example is the dress above. After taking away the absurd value of 7777, the actual average price instantly falls from 205 to 16! Oribon now calculates the actual average for you, but it doesn't hurt to be mindful of the statistics or do some math yourself.

  • Sometimes, it is more useful to consider the mode or the most number of exhibitions of a certain price (e.g. if the mode of something is 20-24 ribbons, it means that the most number of people priced it in that price group). Of course, you must see how many people have been selling it. If there are only a few people selling it, the neither mode nor mean may be accurate.

  • ALL IN ALL, DO NOT BLINDLY FOLLOW THE AVERAGE PRICE!! USE YOUR OWN DISCRETION! Is your item rare? Is your item out of season? Do you think it is a popular item that will fetch lotsa ribbons?

Other Things About the Site

  • Translation of the advanced search form:

  • The site has a page for the prizes that can be won at the Piyo Ballon game: http://oribon.info/piyoBalloon.html

    Reward for goal: Prize you get for completing the game at 1000
    Rare: Prizes from the heart balloons that start appearing after 500
    Uncommon: Prizes from the polka-dot balloons that start appearing after 100-120
    Common: Prizes from normal balloons

  • The 3 links at the top are: 'Most Common Items', '100 Most Expensive Items', '100 Cheapest Items'. They are ranked based on average price.

  • The url of each page is http://oribon.info/item/XXXXXXX.html where XXXXXXX is the filename of your poupee item. This can save you some time if you are looking for an item, you can copy and paste the item code and get to the page quickly.

    To find the item URL, right click on its picture and select the string of letters at the end. Remember to exclude the .png and end it with .html instead. If your item is too old however (i dunno how old though), you might not be able to find it on the site at all.
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