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Welcome to POUPEE GIRL @ Livejournal!

Poupeegirl (http://pupe.ameba.jp/) is a Japanese social networking service with a strong focus on fashion. You can create your own poupee (french for doll), an avatar which you can dress up with clothes, make up and many other things. You can also share photos of your own items, or buy and sell virtual items in the market.

At poupee_girl, anything related to poupeegirl goes. You can share tips, tutorials, or ask questions that deal with the site. Post an introduction post, share your outfits in the daily dressup posts, or post your link so others can friend you!

However, here are just a few rules and guidelines you should remember.

Rules & Guidelines
  1. No spamming and posts not related to poupeegirl.

  2. No personal attacks or name calling in any discussion.

  3. Post large images (larger than 450x450 pixels and 250 kb) behind an lj-cut.

  4. Please keep posts positive. No posts about rule breakers etc, unless they are posting your own pics! Any negative posts will be deleted - this is your only warning!

  5. Comment clubs go to poupee_girls_cc, poupee-sitting go to poupee_sitter, buying and selling posts go to poupee_bst. This includes "leaving Poupee" sales!

  6. Do not beg for comments and sutekis. Check out comment clubs and suteki clubs instead.

  7. No Nudity or Graphic Contents in icons used in the community. Please keep our community PG and work-safe.

  8. Try to tag your posts appropriately.

  9. If you have any questions, check the Community FAQ and Memories before posting your question in the community. This is not really a rule, but doing so could help answer your question quickly.


poupee_girl is the oldest and largest Livejournal community for poupeegirl, created in 2007.

Here are links to some of the theme posts and clubs of the community:

  •  Daily Dressup 
    Every day, two such dressup posts are made by a few designated users. You can take a screenshot of your dressup that day, and share it with others! If you do not know how, take a look at this.

  •  Comment Club @ poupee_girls_cc 
    You get to post 20 comments on items that give ribbons each day, Comment Clubs help you find those 20 items to comment on! Be sure to read the rules before you join.

  •  Suteki Club 
    Posted in both poupee_suteki and the community, Suteki Clubs are posts where participants suteki items, to get into the Cute Ranking or simply gain views for items.

  •  Shell Hunt 
    You get a higher chance of finding a shell in someone's home after you suteki their items, so Shell Hunts make use of this. You suteki someone's item, then go to their home to look for shells.

  •  Poupee Chat 
    A live chat for you to share those moments of excitement during events!

  •  Raffle Club 
    A great way to earn ribbons and have some fun the more people join! Post a number in the subject line in chronological order, link to an item in your closet, and the winner gets all the comments, plus 10 comments from the Raffle holder!

  •  Weekly Cosplay Competition 
    Every week you can compete in a cosplay competition to win ribbons! A new dress-up theme is chosen weekly and the community votes for the winner!

Other POUPEE GIRL Communities
  • poupee_bst: Where all buying and selling posts go.
  • jewel_auction: Where Jewel specific bst go.
  • poupee_news: Only news and main updates are posted. Watch this community if you only want the news.
  • poupeegirlitems: Modeling and showing of what items look like when worn.
  • catherineshop: An archive of items that were in Katharine Shop, the official poupeegirl shop
  • poupee_sitter: Are you looking for someone to dress your doll while you're away? Check here to find a poupee sitter.

... More communities can be found here.

That's all. Have fun!
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